• Each week on “Billi Caine on Porn”, porn addiction expert Billi Caine will give listeners the “the red pill” and take them down many different rabbit holes related to the porn industry, porn viewing, porn addiction (from both addicts and their loved ones perspective) and how porn affects society as a whole.

Intimate Passionate Love – Interview: Wendy Styger. Creates erotic passion late in marriage!

Anya Shekina continues her quest to discover how to have a lasting intimate passionate love by interviewing those who have achieved it in this interview with Wendy Styger. Wendy Styger is a loveologist, an expert in the area of love. She is also a brilliant writer in the field and is the author of Love that Works: A Guide to Enduring Intimacy. … [Listen Now...]

Empowered Relationships – Save Our Children

It's amazing how 2 feet people (and taller) can push your buttons like no one else. BUT - we are the parents! How can you not get grabbed when you're getting triggered? Ava Diamond, LSCW, psychotherapist, educator, and writer joins Dr. Karen again to offer not only insightful information but amazing tools that will allow you to handle the most … [Listen Now...]

Forever Sex – Sexual Healing in the Bedroom , part 6: 1 night with 100 Lovers

What if your Inner Aspects each made love in a different way? How can you tell which Inner Lover is present by the way they make love? How can you work with the limitations in your relationship? Relationship expert Francesca Gentille co-author of The Marriage of Sex & Spirit and John Mariotti share foundational practices, resources, and … [Listen Now...]

Empowered Relationships – Create Balance … Really!

Is your relationship stuck or is it possible that it's just out of balance? Pam Yudko, a Holistic Health and Transformational Coach, shares with Dr. Karen how she has created a life style that offers … [Listen Now...]

Empowered Relationships – Your Identity: Who Are You Really? (Part 1)

Ever think about who you really are and how you've come to be that person? Do you feel like how you act is a "fit" with you? Well, we've got answers! In the first of this 2-part series, Andy … [Listen Now...]

Sexploration with Monika – SaferSexC, an Open Relationship, and Restraint as Art

Do you know how to kill the Hepatitis C virus? Hepatitus C is a virus that damages the liver and it is spread by many kinds of kinky play, rough sex, sharing razors or nail clippers. Most people who … [Listen Now...]

Billi Caine on Porn – Behind the Masks of Porn Performers Part 4

In the 4th part of the 5 part series exploring the backgrounds of porn performers, Billi discusses how tough things were for Jenna Jameson as a youngster as well as Annabel Chong who went on to take … [Listen Now...]

The Shame Free Zone – Deborah Anapol: The Mother of Modern Polyamory

In this candid conversation with Veronica Monet, Deborah Anapol shares her perspectives on monogamy, polyamory, love, jealousy and happy relationships.  Deborah also dishes on what went into the … [Listen Now...]

Empowered Relationships – Intimacy – When Words Get in the Way

Do you wish you had greater connection to your partner? Do you desire more intimacy? Then you're like most couples. We all want intimacy in our relationships yet when it comes down to it, having … [Listen Now...]