• Each week on “Billi Caine on Porn”, porn addiction expert Billi Caine will give listeners the “the red pill” and take them down many different rabbit holes related to the porn industry, porn viewing, porn addiction (from both addicts and their loved ones perspective) and how porn affects society as a whole.

Sexploration with Monika – Your Daily 3-Minute Orgasm & Clit Like a Soccer Ball

How could you be so turned on and sensitive that your clitoris felt like a soccer ball? What are the effects of having a 3-minute orgasm every day? Hint: it's not losing sleep, you only have to wake 5 min earlier. How could menopause be PLEASURABLE? How can masturbation help you experience more pleasure with a partner? How can you get more … [Listen Now...]

Indulgence – Grow & Glow

Helena explores the greatest secret to sexual attraction there is... That inner glow that comes from within -- for gals and guys!. Often we "glow" when new love comes in or when pregnant, But this glow is an essential ingredient to beginning that magnetic attractor beam in the first place. Of course it begins with the self - and guest Miriam … [Listen Now...]

The Way of the Courtesan – Suspension of Disbelief, Mystery, and Blow Jobs

This week, while visiting her circus friends in New England, Ché broadcasts to you from inside a Vermont graveyard… guess she figured it would be a good place from which to bring the hammer down on your wardrobe choices! In "Suspension of Disbelief, Mystery, and Blow Jobs" she discusses how we can gain more confidence and create a magical, … [Listen Now...]

Forever Sex – Second Show on Sexual Fitness

Join host John Mariotti and special guest Billy Sunday Mars as they go deeper into an explanation of sexual fitness and talk about specific practices and techniques for beginning your journey into … [Listen Now...]

Sexploration with Monika – Masculinism & Multiple Orgasms for Men

Have you ever wondered how to leave a woman wanting more? Have you ever wondered what it's like to have a penis? Monika has, and gets the lowdown on having penis and how to use it from Erotic Rockstar … [Listen Now...]

Healthy Sex Awareness – Healthy Sex Heals!

Sex is healing. Mare lists numerous health benefits attributed to sex in her blog. The longer you can relax in states of high pleasure, the more deeply the experience of loving pleasure penetrates to … [Listen Now...]

Empowered Relationships – Empowerment vs. Abuse

Generally, we think of someone as being abused if there's lots of physical damage. Unfortunately, abuse can take place on many levels. Women's advocate, Deb Bailey, discusses with Dr. Karen the … [Listen Now...]

Empowered Relationships – You’re Connected … to the Internet!

Is the connection your mate has to the internet stronger than the one that he or she has to you? Are you wondering if the time being spent on this fun just part of today's world ... or an addiction? … [Listen Now...]

Sexploration with Monika – Sex Robots: sex + technology = ?

You can join me at the Arse Elektronika Porn & Technology conference where they had a sex robot that looked like Johnny 5. One arm of the sex robot is a "tongue saw," with 12 moulded rubber … [Listen Now...]