• Each week on “Billi Caine on Porn”, porn addiction expert Billi Caine will give listeners the “the red pill” and take them down many different rabbit holes related to the porn industry, porn viewing, porn addiction (from both addicts and their loved ones perspective) and how porn affects society as a whole.

Sexploration with Monika – Shutting down illegitimate rape culture, getting laid more often, & how to drive a vulva

Would you have believed a US Congressman could be so dangerously, offensively ignorant of the realities sexual assault and the very functionality of the female reproductive system before Republican Todd Akin blurted out "If it's legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down?" That's simply just not at all medically … [Listen Now...]

Intimate Passionate Love – Tantric Sex for Busy Couples: An Interview with Diana Daffner

In this weeks show, Anya Shekina interviews Diana Daffner, CS, M.A., author of Tantric Sex for Busy Couples. Diana will share what she and her partner Richard Daffner do to keep the fires of love and passion alive in their relationship. You will learn how to incorporate frequent sex into a very busy life - even in the midst of life's distractions … [Listen Now...]

Take 5 to Empower Your Relationship – Kiss and Make-up

Conflicts can actually bring you closer when you know how to "unpack" them. Listen in to find out how! … [Listen Now...]

Empowered Relationships – What’s the Matter with Kids Today?

Kids: A blessing or do they drive you nuts? And … are they a joy to your relationship or added in a whole lot of stress? Do you and your mate always agree on how to handle them? Lots of questions and … [Listen Now...]

Empowered Relationships – Cool Down When Things Heat Up

Though conflicts in your relationship are normal, when emotions run high, your relationship satisfaction will decrease. You can't have a meaningful, connected relationship when heated emotions are … [Listen Now...]

The Shame Free Zone – Painting Orgasms

Nikita Duncan paints orgasms. No, her paintings are NOT x-rated. She paints the energy of an individual's orgasms and sexual patterns. After extensively interviewing her subjects, Nikita lets the … [Listen Now...]

Forever Sex – 031412

031412 … [Listen Now...]

Sexploration with Monika – COYOTE/St James Infirmary founder Margo St James, Non-monogamy, & Sex Ed

You'll hear legendary sex-positive feminist Margo St James talk about the birth of the sex-worker rights movement in San Francisco plus her checkered past with politics, law-enforcement, and her … [Listen Now...]

Empowered Relationships – Love Your Anger

Anger in couples is not that uncommon. Most of the time, we think it means something bad. Myron Doc Downing, Ph.D., LMFT, explores with Dr. Karen what is really behind anger and why it's not such a … [Listen Now...]