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Sexploration with Monika – Sex Worker Advocacy and Activism with Lilly Ally and Maxine Holloway

Do you think there's something wrong with a woman literally owning her own sexuality? Does she have the right to choose on what terms she shares sex, even if that means she asks something in exchange? We've talked about the economics of sex and monogamy and how that affects everyone, but how would it affect you if prostitution were legalized? … [Listen Now...]

Take 5 to Empower Your Relationship – Internet Intervention

Does it feel like the internet is coming between you and your mate? Time to do an intervention! … [Listen Now...]

The Shame Free Zone – Sex Positive Parenting with Susie Bright

Known as "The Godmother of Erotica" and "Susie Sexpert," Susie Bright, author of Big Sex Little Death, joins Sexologist Veronica Monet in a thorough exploration of how to talk to your kids about sex. Not a lot of people in the sex-positive industry are comfortable talking about sex and children in the same breath.  Not so for guest, Susie … [Listen Now...]

Take 5 to Empower Your Relationship – Too Close for Comfort

Do you feel that your partnership with your mate is getting squeezed out due to the relationship he or she has with their extended family? Not sure how to deal with this frustration? - Listen to this … [Listen Now...]

Empowered Relationships – When Bad Things Happen

Not all trauma originates from your family of origin. Bad things can happen in lots of other situations. When they do, they can effect a relationship … especially if they aren't spoken about. Dr. … [Listen Now...]

Sexploration with Monika – Ecstasy is Necessary, brain- and full-body orgasms, and Urban Tantra

You can join me for conversations about open relationships, very edgy fantasy play, the cutting edge of sex-ed, and brain-gasms at a sex-positive book signing at Good Vibrations, San Francisco's … [Listen Now...]

Empowered Relationships – The Positive “F” Word: Forgive

It's hard to get through life without bumps and bruises. But you don't have to hold on to them … there is forgiveness. Many folks don't really understand what forgiveness is let alone how to achieve … [Listen Now...]

Empowered Relationships – Listening to Silence

Communication in relationships is tough! It gets even more difficult when you add in all the non-verbal types of communication - gestures, body language, and tone. To help you demystify these and … [Listen Now...]

Sexploration with Monika – Guide to Sex Parties & Sexy Parties: Safety & Freedom

You probably didn't talk about the way sex parties work in your sex ed class, did you? Is it a free-for-all? What are "the rules?" How in a sea of sexy writhing bodies on a dance floor of 20 or 200 … [Listen Now...]