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Empowered Relationships – Your Identity: Who Are You Really? (Part 2)

In the second part of this series Andy Mahoney, MS, LCPC, further speaks with Dr. Karen about how your identity fit is important to you personally and to a healthy relationship! Unlike the media propaganda, it's not about you completing your mate. Disappointed? You won't be when you tune in and learn some wonderful insights as to how to have a … [Listen Now...]


Empowered Relationships – Do You Have a Secret?

Chances are there's something in your life that you're ashamed of, but, of course you don't speak about it. It's too shameful! What you probably don't realize is that whatever it is, it's holding you back from being all that you can be as an individual and as a mate. Dr. Karen and best-selling author and speaker, Mary Liu, reveal their secrets. … [Listen Now...]


Sexploration with Monika – Bondage, Clowns, Gods, Piercing, & Sex-Positive Parenting

You can join us now in the leather-scented midst of the Sexploration with Monika bondage dinner at supperclub. We'll speak with educator of adventurous sexuality Midori about her history with performance art, Italian Clowns, donuts with an especially messy surprise, and the Japanese art of flower arranging and bondage. Then Midori will introduce us … [Listen Now...]


Empowered Relationships – Can Your Marriage Survive an Affair?

No doubt, when your spouse has been in some type of an affair, it's devastating! Your relationship goes into crisis mode and you're likely feeling like your life is out-of-control. Though your … [Listen Now...]


Empowered Relationships – Sickness Doesn’t Have to Equal Unwell Relationships

There are times, without any warning, that relationships are hit with the horror of illness. Though it's not something couples really prepare for, there are ways to meet the stress of something … [Listen Now...]


Empowered Relationships – Do I Love You? – It Depends!

Most of us want to be in relationships. And, it's important to be in a relationship that's healthy. Often, the one we're in is unbalanced and what might be called co-dependent. How do you know if … [Listen Now...]


Empowered Relationships – Is Divorce the Only Option?

Many struggling couples find themselves "on the fence" ... they don't even know if they want to go for marital counseling.  So, it seemed that divorce was the only option.  That was until now!  Dr. … [Listen Now...]


Empowered Relationships – Starting Over

Has your relationship ended and you find yourself single again? Perhaps it's even more complicated for you because you have kids. The prospect of starting over may seem overwhelming. It doesn't have … [Listen Now...]


Sexploration with Monika – Inches for Charity, the cockumentary, and Erotic Breath Play w/ Dr. Kemi

Inches for Charity, a "cockumentary" about penis size, intends to raise money for an orphanage in South Africa for children with AIDS. We spoke with director Nicholas Sher about "the penis rack" - the … [Listen Now...]