• Each week on “Billi Caine on Porn”, porn addiction expert Billi Caine will give listeners the “the red pill” and take them down many different rabbit holes related to the porn industry, porn viewing, porn addiction (from both addicts and their loved ones perspective) and how porn affects society as a whole.

Empowered Relationships – Feeling Uptight? – It’s Only Anxiety

A staggering number of us suffer from anxiety. What's more, anxiety shows up in lots of different ways. Today's episode is the first of several to explore a typical issue for so many that gets in the way of individual and couple functioning. Learn about anxiety, in general, from Dr. Michelle Maidenberg, Clinical Director of Westchester Group Works, … [Listen Now...]

Billi Caine on Porn – The Basic Science of Porn Addiction

This show explains - in simple easy to understand terms - the very basic science of porn addiction. Armed with this knowledge, porn addicts will be in a more empowered position to make different choices about themselves in relation to their addiction. … [Listen Now...]

Living Love Revolution – Wisdom of the Body as Sexual Healer

On this episode of Living Love Revolution, Reverend Teri Dianne Ciacchi talks about somatic healing techniques that rely on the felt sense of the body. In knowing your own body's wisdom, and sensing the flow of energy between yourself and others, primal connection to the divine is accessed directly within our bodies as they connect with the Gaian … [Listen Now...]

Forever Sex – Our 14th show and our Fourth on Sexual Fitness…Some supplement secrets with host John Mariotti and guest Billy Sunday Mars

Join host John Mariotti and special guest Billy Sunday Mars as they go deeper into the exploration of sexual fitness and talk about specific practices and techniques for beginning your journey into … [Listen Now...]

Indulgence – Impact of Sexual Abuse

Helena shares the studio with John Tierney, sexual abuse survivor with a Priestly twist. They intimately explore his life adventure in recovery. What is the impact of Sexual Abuse? How did the … [Listen Now...]

Empowered Relationships – Remove “Relationship Rats” to Move Forward

We all get stuck sometimes. But if you find that you just can't move forward in your relationships, maybe it's because there are "relationship rats" that you don't even know are there! What exactly … [Listen Now...]

Empowered Relationships – Holidays: Joy or Stress?

The Holiday Season is supposed to be about celebration; the reality is that it's also fraught with lots of stress. Family gatherings, differences in the way you celebrate, so much to do. Well - we've … [Listen Now...]

The Way of the Courtesan – Single Sex for Woman, Part 2

Ché continúes the conversation from last week, giving more tools for your single woman's toolbox. Learn the most effective way to leave your lover, How to determine whether or not you should take that … [Listen Now...]

Take 5 to Empower Your Relationship – Stop Being a Target

There are many roles you play to your mate ... being a target shouldn't be one of them! … [Listen Now...]