Love and Music – The Truth about Sex:

On my first installment I will be talking about the truths about sex. Many people have questions they keep bottled up, which limits them from enjoying the fabulous sex they … [Listen Now...]

Billi Caine on Porn – Female Porn Performers Part 1

In this weeks show, Billi explains some of the pressures female porn performers are under and how truly challenging it is for them to bring us modern day porn.


Billi Caine on Porn – “The Siamese Twin Relationship Between Successful Porn Directors and Escalating Porn Addicts”

In this weeks show, Billi discusses the relationship between successful porn directors and escalating porn addicts and how they have a Siamese twin relationship – using the directors of Evil … [Listen Now...]

Billi Caine on Porn – A Brief History of the Business Side of Modern Day Pornography

Billi charts the history of modern day pornography from Hugh Hefner’s Playboy to 21st Century hardcore Internet porn. Within that process, we begin to understand why porn producers have been … [Listen Now...]


Sexploration with Monika – COYOTE/St James Infirmary founder Margo St James, Non-monogamy, & Sex Ed

You'll hear legendary sex-positive feminist Margo St James talk about the birth of the sex-worker rights movement in San Francisco plus her checkered past with politics, law-enforcement, and her relationship with Paul Avery, a newspaper man of note. Margo St. James founded COYOTE "Call Off Your Old Tired Ethics" the sex-worker activism group in … [Listen Now...]

Empowered Relationships – Workin’ the Day Shift and Night Too

Are you in a relationship but don't have one because your mate is married to his or her work? You may be involved with a workaholic! Julie Dozier, a licensed professional counselor and multiple addictions therapist, speaks with Dr. Karen about what it means to be a workaholic. Why does this happen? What are the signs? How can changes be made? … [Listen Now...]


Empowered Relationships – Technology Lessons to Unstuck You

The world is overwhelming today and too often your relationship is burdened because of all the stress. Technology certainly is one of the major factors that adds to this new life style. However, it turns out that technology also has some of the answers to help you and your mate get past some of the common stuck points of a relationship. Steve … [Listen Now...]


Empowered Relationships – Learn to Say No to the Good Girl Syndrome

So many women have been trained to be Good Girls (and men to be good boys). They work hard to always please others leaving no energy reserve for themselves. This leads to shame, guil,t and resentment … [Listen Now...]


Sexploration with Monika – You can have an Orgasm for 15 minutes!!!

How can you have an orgasm for 15 MINUTES? Nicole describes her clitoral meditation practice as a 15 minute orgasm. In this segment of Sexploration with Monika, we talk with Nicole Daedone, author of … [Listen Now...]


The Shame Free Zone – Painting Orgasms

Nikita Duncan paints orgasms. No, her paintings are NOT x-rated. She paints the energy of an individual's orgasms and sexual patterns. After extensively interviewing her subjects, Nikita lets the … [Listen Now...]


Awkward Intercourse – Mysnikol’s Story Part 1

This charter episode highlights the journey of Mysnikol as she learns to embrace her authentic Self. She shares with us her story of discovery, awareness and personal acceptance. Through her … [Listen Now...]


Empowered Relationships – What’s Eating You?

Are you having marital problems ... or is it what you eat? Without realizing it, the way you eat effects your behavior and how you respond to your mate. Cassandra Walker, holistic nurse … [Listen Now...]


Forever Sex – 5th show in a series about sexual and tantric athleticism and fitness with guest host Billy Sunday Mars and John Mariotti

Join host John Mariotti and special guest host Billy Sunday Mars as they go deeper into the exploration of sexual fitness the quality of being a tantric athlete and talk about specific practices and … [Listen Now...]