What is the Sex Talk Radio Network

You have discovered an audio destination which stands alone. Sex Talk Radio Network is the first of its kind. No other radio network offers you the variety, depth, and breadth of Sex Talk Radio. We are not shock radio. We offer an holistic approach to real issues for real people. Here you will find vanilla and kink, married and single, spirituality and porn, the superficial and the sublime. We trust our listeners to discern which programs suit their needs and interests best. If you are curious and want to sample a variety of approaches, this is the place to be. If you know what you want and you want more information about it, you will find it here.

And Sex Talk Radio is unique for another reason. Sex Talk Radio brings together some of the most forward thinking authors and educators on the topics of sex and relationships. Our hosts are educated, experienced and passionate about the information and entertainment they bring you. The special group of people we have brought together for you are experts and sexperts; those in the know possessing academic expertise, hands-on experience and often more sex knowledge than your doctor has. Our hosts include leaders in the movement for sexual freedom and icons in the world of sacred sexuality.

Given the combined expertise of Sex Talk Radio’s hosts, you could consider our programs mini courses meant to improve your love life and inform your spiritual path. Sex Talk Radio is the place to find solutions to your sex life, romance, love, relationships. But don’t worry, our hosts are also experts in the field of entertainment so we guarantee you will be thoroughly amused and even at times aroused.

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