Laughing Through Life with Esther – Join Esther at the European Spiritual Film Festival with Kengo Kurimoto

Kengo Kurimoto, Director of Yoga, Noga, Reyoga talks with Esther about his award-winning film. This animated feature enables us to look at ego and arrogance within our lives. Two young monks meditate – the state of Yoga, being in union with each other. Whilst meditating a sense of competing enters into the silence as both monks become aware of each other in an egotistical way. They then start to compete, trying to effect a state of superiority in terms of who could meditate better, longer and in a more powerful way – Noga – a state of separation. They then enter into a place where they realize what is happening and then work towards joining together again Reyoga. This fascinating feature covers so much in such a short space of time, with so much learning for us as individuals in terms of our awareness of self and of the ego.
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