Living Love Revolution – Radical Queer Femmifesto

Reverend Ciacchi shares her 10 Step Femme Action Plan for “subverting the dominant paradigm”. A lively provocative collection of ideas about how to live a shame free sex positive life. The Radical Queer Femmifesto is a love letter to everyone struggling with a sense of being different. The Femmifesto explores the idea of taking shadow material that has been pushed to the edges of our society or the edges of our consciousness and bringing these things (and people and ideas) back into a central focus. Integration and wholeness, acknowledgement and declaration are all techniques for healing shame and distress. Sure to provoke at least a few deep belly laughs, Radical Queer Femmifesto is a witty tongue in cheek shout out to humanity. Oh yes, and the word clitoris appears at least 10 times.

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