The Shame Free Zone – Sex Positive Parenting with Susie Bright

Known as “The Godmother of Erotica” and “Susie Sexpert,” Susie Bright, author of Big Sex Little Death, joins Sexologist Veronica Monet in a thorough exploration of how to talk to your kids about sex.

Not a lot of people in the sex-positive industry are comfortable talking about sex and children in the same breath.  Not so for guest, Susie Bright.  As a mother herself and a revolutionary in the sexual world, Susie is more than happy to open up, shamelessly, to The Shame Free Zone‘s listeners.

While many of us are comfortable with our sex lives and talking about sexual experiences, emotions, and technicalities with our partners–traditionally, these topics are sheltered from our children.  Children are often taught that sex is “icky yucky,” something disgusting and disease-ridden, that they have to be “kept safe from until grad school.” (Raise your hand if this was your experience with “The Talk” growing up!).  But why…?

Veronica and Susie start off the episode describing their own upbringings, including what they admired in their parents’ approach (Veronica’s mother has some orgasm wisdom you won’t want to miss!) and what absolutely, positively, needed to stop for the next generation (Susie opens up about her childhood experiences with abuse and anger).

“I don’t believe that you wake up one day and give your child a sex talk,” says Susie Bright.  Throughout the interview, Susie shares how you can share your views on sex with your children in a non-violent, positive way.  You’ll hear how to give your child privacy (and get much-needed privacy for yourself!) and know that everything will be okay–even if they’re “exploring” their sexuality (either with themselves or with others).  After all, as Susie and Veronica joke, it’s far more likely that your teenager will get in a fender-bender and skyrocket their insurance rates than it is that they’ll get raped.

You’re listening to The Shame Free Zone.  Wouldn’t it be great if your children could grow up to be shame free too?  Tune in!


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