Intimate Passionate Love – The 3-Legged Stool Conscious Relationship – Tantra – Sexual Health

The Intimate Passionate Love show is an on-line training in how to have an intimate passionate love in a lasting relationship. In the first show, Anya Shekina, supported by her husband and evolutionary relationship partner, Dr. Paul Vogue, will do an overview and show you the interconnection between Conscious Relationship, Tantra, and Sexual Health and how each contribute to an Intimate Passionate Love that will last over time. She will also explore what lessons we can learn from the Romantic relationship stage, how we fall out of this stage, and what we have to do to re-ignite it on a whole new level level of consciousness. In today’s show, Paul Vogue will not only introduce the topic of sexual health but will focus on the subject of physiologically based erectile dysfunction. He will look at the causes of this widespread problem and discuss how it can be dealt with naturally and effectively. Effective natural health products for erectile dysfunction are provided at

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