Sexploration with Monika – Orgasmic Birth

You’ve probably heard for your whole life that “labor” is the most painful experience ever, but what if childbirth could actually be literally orgasmic? “Orgasmic Birth” filmmaker and Lamaze-certified midwife Debra Pascali-Bonaro will tell us how women can increase their chances of having an actual orgasm during birthing, what for so long has been called “labor.” Not only are the brain chemicals, like oxytocin, released during sex present during childbirth, but the things that make a “romantic experience” like soft lighting, a hot tub, aromatic smells, a glass of wine, making out with your partner, focusing on the sensations of the body – are all things things could lead to not only a more pleasant labor experience, but maybe even an actual orgasm!! According to mother Amber Hartnell, her orgasm during labor really didn’t feel any different than the kind of orgasm you could have during intercourse.

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