Sexploration with Monika – Female Ejaculation: Grrls can have squirting orgasms too?

You’ve heard of the G-Spot, which some scientists have disputed even exists(!), but Tallulah Sulis has found hers and she want to help you find yours. If the G-Spot orgasm, or “Female Ejaculation”, isn’t a “circus trick” or pee… what is it? How come most women don’t know anything about female ejaculation? Tallulah Sulis is Sexploration with Monika’s “squirtxpert” – expert in all things to do with female ejaculation. Ms. Sulis is a Certified Somatic Sexologist and director and producer of the film “Divine Nectar: A Guide to Female Ejaculation.” We discuss how she figured out she could do this, what to do if your partner freaks out, and how to awaken sensation in your G-Spot. We also learned what organ produces ejaculate, and it’s chemical composition – and how you can be *sure* that it’s not pee. Would you like to know how to help your girlfriend or wife ejaculate? Tallulah and I discuss everything from how to bring up the conversation to creating a “safe container.” Tallulah is all about getting in touch with the sensations of pleasure and expressing your wild female sexuality! She now is conducting “Squirtshops” in the SF Bay Area, teaching women how to ejaculate.

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