Intimate Passionate Love – Conscious Relationship: An Interview with Dr Goodman on his relationship with Prem Shakti

Anya Shekina interviews Dr. Michael Dean Goodman about his conscious relationship with Acharya Prem Shakti. What do we have to learn from two spiritually evolved individuals who came together later in life, after a life time dedicated to their personal growth and spiritual evolution? In this interview, Dr Goodman shares how he and Prem Shakti conduct their relationship and the contribution that their personal and spiritual evolution brings to their relationship. Both he and Prem Shakti show that personal and spiritual evolution is essential to a lasting, happy, turned on relationship and how it can be within the reach of all couples. Due to a conflict with her teaching schedule, Prem Shakti was not able to be with us for most of this interview but made a surprise visit towards the end.
Michael Dean Goodman was initiated, trained and awakened by Indian, yogic/tantric Master, Maharishi Maheesh Yogi. He is a spiritual guide and a Ph.D. Couselor, relationship coach, sex educator and author. He teaches Tantra workshops around the world, conducts satsangs, and has taught on the faculties of universities and educational foundations. He is in relationship with PremShakti who helped found Kripalu Yoga Center, and was awarded the title of “Acharya” spiritual teacher by Swami Kripalu. She founded the Prem Yoga Center, in West Palm Beach. and is internationally renowned as master teacher of yoga teachers. Among her many offerings are Life Coaching for Enlightened Living seminars and Awakening Intensives.


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