Sexploration with Monika – The Erotic 8-Course Gourmet Dinner

The intersection of cuisine and sensuality is pleasure, and “Our Gourmet Life” wants to be a literally saucy playground. Their 8-course erotic dinner was created by Chris, Beth, and Kal in private homes around SF to entice you into their world of open eroticism and delicious play. How do they create a safe space for their servers to be topless among strangers? How could you make a menu erotic? A surprising leafy aphrodisiac? How can we encourage the opening up of both female AND MALE sexuality? In the podcast, we’ll talk about how they combine open sexuality and epicurean bliss, and take 16 guests on a lascivious adventure. If you’re craving an evening where desire is celebrated, request an invitation (just replace my info with yours), erotic dinners occur semi-regularly in SF city limits. Our Gourmet Life’s erotic dinner is an eight course gourmet meal, made from scratch and fresh organic ingredients each time. At the next dinner, Sexploration with Monika will be infiltrating the private location (in a fully consensual way without compromising any identities) and bringing the experience to you if you can’t make it. However, if a night like this might pique your taste… this evening has the kind of promise you whisper. Sexual freedom isn’t “easy”… but there’s no virtue in being difficult! Let’s talk about it on Sexploration with Monika.

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