Sexploration with Monika – Sea of Dreams: why we celebrate midnight one day a year and kiss whomever is near?

You can explore the glittering wunderworld of the Sea of Dreams New Year’s Eve party in San Francisco as Sexploration with Monika goes on location. The night glistens with gold mirror-ball hoop dancers, klowns, a rainbow of costumed aerialists, the fantasy circus, a forest of fractals, time machines, and interactive music you can create, and a kaleidoscope of looking at the other self that is you. We’ll speak with love tech-nicians, artists, sexy party scientists… asking what does it mean about our culture that everyone comes together to celebrate the end of every year? why is the clock ticking from 11:59 12/31 2011 to 12:00 1/1 2012 such a big deal that 7,000 costumed merry makers are cheering, hugging, kissing, and cuddling random strangers at the stroke of midnight? In this longer Sea of Dreams podcast, we also connect with phantom captains, artists, and pleasurevolutionaries like Rich and Justin of Love Tech, Fuzzy Phillipe of Club Exotica, in-the-moment/graffiti-inspired artist Ian Ross, plus we’ll speak with Amrita Bollywood Dance founder, Julie Marquez, about divine nectar. The last time I heard the word “amrita” it was during the discussion of a rather black-belt kind of orgasm, so I had to talk to the dancers about how “amrita” had to do with Bollywood dancing? Everyone is celebrating and coming together to party, but we all create different reasons why it must be so important to celebrate New Year’s Eve and kiss random people at midnight. Whats yours?

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