Sexploration with Monika – How Feminism Leads to Good Sex

Dottie Lux dishes about beauty and subverting the dominant culture paradigm, and Ginger of Whore! Magazine tells us why she has a penis glued to her girdle. We talk about gender, celebrating not fitting in, and inclusion. Then oysters & mimosas on Michelle’s sunny patio: why feminism leads to better juicier more empowered and authentic sex and threesomes, plus Fleur De Lis SF and Ginger on the joys and “dangers” of flirting with feminists and why the message “sex should be fun” is critically, crucially important in sex education. You can attend the release party for the 3rd issue of Whore! Magazine produced by Ginger: Bang Bang Whore Speaks! Thursday, January 19th at The Red Devil Lounge with reading, poetry, music and burlesque honoring female power, inclusion, creativity, and outspoken sexuality.

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