Sexploration with Monika – Do you want life and your relationships to be deep, sexy, and pleasurable forever?

Do you want to enjoy sex for the rest of your life? So does Nancy, a self-described “pure sexual being,” health educator, wellness coach, yoga therapist, wife, mother, grandmother, registered nurse, and creator of the Erotikos Film Festival at the notorious Hedonism Resort in Jamaica. We’ll explore the difference between erotica and porn, ethical porn and unethical porn. Listen as Nancy takes us to the Hedonism Resort for a dip into sensuality, play, peak life experiences, and getting your mojo back. Token Straight Guy comedian Malcolm Grissom of the Verve Show would like to do some yoga to fit into Nancy’s suitcase. Plus, in the “As You Desire” Sex and Relationship Blog, and her “Guide for Men to Unlock Your Woman’s Sexual Desire,” Nancy wants to share secrets about juicy sacred sex for a lifetime and how to keep the spark of desire alive. Can pleasure have a higher purpose? Do you want connections that are both sexy and deep? For a lifetime? Which brings us to the work of Rabbi Ed Weinsberg Ed.D. The two most common cancers in men and women are prostate cancer and breast cancer and both affect our sense of our sexual self. However Rabbi Ed has been there and back, and his passion is helping anyone have great sex, pleasure, and intimacy after cancer. What really are your “sex organs” anyway, and is your definition limiting your pleasure? Can we expand our definitions and expand our ability to experience pleasure?


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