Sexploration with Monika – Fight Sex-Negativity w/ SF’s Alt Pornmakers and Amsterdam’s Academia

How can we help make sexuality more open and free? How do public platforms and sex-positive community work to normalize sexual freedom? Does porn have a role in creating sexual freedom? Ruchamah Van der Horn has come all the way from the University of Amsterdam to discuss the use of public platforms to counter social and cultural stigma of sex, with the sex-positive community and producers of alternative porn here in the San Francisco Bay Area. The United States may be ridiculed for it’s closed mindedness and sex-negativity (sheah, as if abstinence-only works) but actually that works in favor of creating fertile and outspoken sex-worker activism and advocacy. And does empowerment go with less creepy porn and more sexy porn? Can they be the same thing? Yes and no, and as long as it makes you happy (and is consensual) as our cheerful porn stars point out. AliceinBondageland’s Go Ask Alice talks about how the SF Alternative porn scene is about authenticity with queer porn star Arabelle Raphael who says porn can teach you who you really are. Yes, that’s Arabelle Raphael of such adult XXX film hits as “Occupy My Ass” and “Asphyxia Heels the World!” We’re not joking, but *you* can laugh, especially with Token Straight Guy comedian Malcolm Grissom!!

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