Intimate Passionate Love – Familiarity: Powerful Ways to Overcome or By-Pass It

Anya Shekina, intimate passionate love coach and Tantra teacher, will discuss more way to overcome or by pass familiarity in her second radio show on the topic of familiarity. In this episode, you will learn how to create and use specialness and sacredness to overcome familiarity. You will learn how devotion can be a pathway to passion and what you need to do to take that path. You will come to understand the impact of affection on passion. You will learn how to have 3 date nights – the Relationship Development Date Night, The Tantric Romantic Date Night, and the Tantric Quickie – or Peaceful Passion as it is called by authors Diana and Richard Daffner, whose contribution is revisited in this show. Any one of these date nights, if scheduled on a regular basis, could create a quantum leap in your relationship. Together their effect multiplies. Anya Shekina will be joined by her husband, Dr. Paul Vogue, DC, ND, for the last segment of the show on Tantra. Together they will explain how Tantra helps couples in long term relationships keep the fires of love and passion alive. They will describe precisely what you can do to become more Tantric in your love-making. In fact, the whole show is replete with suggestions that you can try out with your partner immediately.


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