Sexploration with Monika – Sexuality, Spirituality, Being Queer: Waving Your Freak Flag in the Presence of GOD

When religion tells you that the way you want to have sex is a sin, how does that affect your relationship with God and spirituality? What was your experience as a teenager, as change and desire surged through your body, and you got messages that sex was only ok in the context of marriage? As a teen, it’s not like you should get married anytime soon, and what if you can’t even get married because you’re gay? What you desire is outside of what the church believes should be sanctified. For queer people whose sexualities are “controversial” and stigmatized in most churches, having your desire in direct contradiction to the messages of who you are supposed to be, can really alienate you from God. Not limited to being gay, there are many sexual expressions and identities that are pathologized by different religions. How could God be all-knowing, all-powerful, and good if what joy you feel in your body is supposedly evil? The God Project and Reviving Spirits are a project of Outlook Theater in San Francisco. Performances and workshops were literally taken directly from surveys about what people personally believe about God, gender, sexuality, pluralism, beliefs, and atheism. You can take “the God Project” survey now. They want 1000 responses from all over the world, so please feel free to share the link. The goal of Outlook Theater is to bring the survey to life in various LGBTQ centers, places of worship, and other venues using theater and dialogue that build bridges between the diverse LGBTQIA communities. Co-directors Anthony Julius Williams and Jason Wyman are committed to cultural bridge building, and are looking for more performers. Look for the call for artists at We’ll discuss how spirituality and sexuality are connected, and how post-modern queer performance art can be about wounds around spirituality. Plus we’ll learn what personally drew Jason Wyman and Anthony Julius Williams to Reviving Spirits. What is the relationship to GOD for the queer, kinky, freaky, turned-on, and/or LGBTQIA community? What is GOD’s relationship to us?

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