Intimate Passionate Love – Antoinette & Richard Asimus. Married 44 years & daily lovers!

In her quest to interview couples who have found the secret of a lasting intimate passionate love and who are willing to share what that secret is for them, Anya Shekina interviews Antoinette and Richard Asimus, a rare couple. After successful careers in the corporate world, and 30 years of marriage, 14 years ago they decided to follow their heart and become Tantra teachers and life and relationship coaches. They have now been married 44 years and are living their commitment to each other to live a passionate and enlightened love. This involves daily spiritual practice and love-making. Through TantraHeart/Kria Yoga they also teach others how to live a conscious, passionate, spiritual love. TantraHeart/Kria Yoga is a system of techniques and new approaches that they created to support people in transforming their relationships, sexuality and their lives. They reside and teach in Cinncinati, Ohio and work via skype video with people all over the world. If you would like a lasting intimate passionate love with your committed partner, this couple has a lot to share with you about how to achieve this.


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