Sexploration with Monika – Removing the barriers to sexy: queer tantra and the natural birth control app

Tantra emphasises the sacred side of sexuality, but many tantra classes focus on the heterosexual couple, privileging feminine and masculine energy. Does human sexual energy really work within only the male/female binary? Evalena Rose teaches gay and all-women tantra, and believes we’re limiting ourselves by having to choose gay or straight. Plus, she tells us how critical it is for your relationship that you actually vocalize what you really want. Plus, are you sick of condoms and the pill? Does hormonal birth control make you feel crazy and out of whack? Check out Kindara, it is almost like the rhythm method 2.0 with an iPhone app and wireless thermometer. Except that during the course of the interview, creators Kati Bicknell and Will Sacks tell us why the rhythm method is practically doomed to failure, and Kindara’s sympto-thermal method is 99.4% effective. Natural birth control in your pocket and your phone takes care of the math and complicated calendar? You can pinpoint and become more conscious of your fertility rather than trying to disrupt it, and get about 20 days a month of I’m-not-going-to-get-pregnant sex. Our Token Straight Guy this week is the hilariously irreverent Cory Sklar of Illogical Contraption, the Heavy Metal Coast to Coast on Whip-Its. How tantra removes the barriers to intimacy and the app that could help you safely use fewer condoms (and that doesn’t mean because you are having less sex).

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