Intimate Passionate Love – Interview: Wendy Styger. Creates erotic passion late in marriage!

Anya Shekina continues her quest to discover how to have a lasting intimate passionate love by interviewing those who have achieved it in this interview with Wendy Styger. Wendy Styger is a loveologist, an expert in the area of love. She is also a brilliant writer in the field and is the author of Love that Works: A Guide to Enduring Intimacy. Wendy is a truth teller. In this interview, she is honest and vulnerable as she shares the truth of her own relationship, and is brilliant as she shares her wisdom about relationships in general. Wendy and her husband have been together for 30 years. They have 4 children. Their relationship had its difficulties and, like most of us, the relationship problems they shared threatened the relationship and had its impact on their sex life. Through staying instead of splitting and through discovering what it required to make their relationship work, Wendy and her husband Frank achieved, in the later years of their relationship, a deeply bonded love and a very hot and sexy relationship. In this interview Wendy shares what she learned that enabled her to make this transition. Wendy is also the CEO of Good Clean Love, a company that sells all-natural and organic intimacy products.. A sexual health educator, her work is also featured on,, as well as several other green blogs. Wendy’s blog was named as the best relationship/sex blog by Get ready to learn what it will take to press the refresh button on your relationship and take it to the best place it has ever been.

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