Sexploration with Monika – Sex Geek Potluck 2011: 15 sexperts, a sex toy demo, and the ensuing hilarity

15 sex-intellectuals: porn star/physicist team makes scientific orgasm-measuring tech, tantric healears, dominatrix, lesbian-werewolf socially-concious erotica writer, male-submission activist, sex-worker activist – more sex-educators than at which you could shake a stick* (actually you could shake a stick at them, you just have to get consent* first), plus wine, sexintellectual interviews, & a spontaneous double demo of a safer-dual penetration pleasuring device from Japan. Featuring sex educator Reid Mihalko, socially-conscious erotica writer Allison Moon, Center for Sexual Pleasure & Health founder Megan Andelloux, The Sexademic Jessi Fischer, Kink On Tap’s MayMay, PSIgasm creators Maggie Mayhem and Ned, internet documentary SSexBBox filmmaker Priscilla Bertucci, Julianne Carroll filmmaker of “Sex Workers Your Voice Counts” dominatrix & sex-educator Eve Minax, Daka Spa Clinic’s Tahil Gesyuk, from Tahil’s Daka Training Roland creator of the “My Big Phat Queer-Friendly Puja,” and sex-worker rights activist Tessa. Reid and Ned demo the Tenga Docking Station with SF’s Sluttiest Blogger Fleur DeLis. We also talk merkins, sex-positivity across cultures, how BDSM (bondage, discipline, domination, submission, sadism, masochism) & tanta & sacred sexuality are kinda the same thing, splunging…

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