Sexploration with Monika – Purr with Me at the Second Base Party

You can join Sexploration with Monika at the “Second Base Party,” a sexy party where instead of sex, you can go all the way to second base – which, for those of us who missed this in high school, 2nd base is above the waist. The theme is “Purr With Me” so there’s plenty of heavy petting, purring, kitty cat ears and swishy tails. We speak with co-founders Jocelyn and Fuzzy Philippe of Club Exotica about how to create a party like this where everyone feels sexy, safe, frisky, and free. How can you create your own community like this? You can learn how to speak the language of the kitty cat to a potential lover, to help them communicate to you what they want and get permission for what you want. The unspoken communication of the kitty cat increases the vocabulary of your language of love by moving it out of the language of words to the language of touch, which is more subtle. Purr with Me is a party where you learn the behavior of sex parties, how to say yes. And how to say yes to what you want! What about the rules of play? Could rules make the game more interesting?

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