Sexploration with Monika – Ecstasy is Necessary, brain- and full-body orgasms, and Urban Tantra

You can join me for conversations about open relationships, very edgy fantasy play, the cutting edge of sex-ed, and brain-gasms at a sex-positive book signing at Good Vibrations, San Francisco’s friendliest sex toy store. Barbara Carrellas is celebrating the release of her new book “Ecstasy is Necessary” and several other local sexperts are there to chat as well. We speak with Marcia Baczynski about her 6-month class for couples experimenting with different styles of trying non-monogamy. Ever felt jealous? You’ll be surprised to learn that “jealousy” is a veneer for a number of other possible emotions! Then professional dominatrix and sex educator Eve Minax tells us how to navigate another minefield, acting out a consensual rape fantasy. How to do it so that you’re sure that everyone feels good at the end? Fleur De Lis, San Francisco’s sluttiest blogger, aka Vanessa Pinto tells us of her adventures aboard the Queen Mary with Nina Hartley and the places where sex educators go to bask in the glow of Joycelyn Elders. Finally we catch up with Barbara Carrellas who tells us about why ECSTASY (not just pleasure) is necessary, how to have an orgasm just by breathing even in an MRI tube (even if you’re claustrophobic), and how tantra is for everyone, even house-wives in Iowa, even you… even when you are just washing the dishes or taking out the trash.


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