Intimate Passionate Love – Helena Chooses Self-Care over Adaptation to Uplevel her Relationship

Anya Shekina interviews Helena, a Life, Love & Sex Coach and Educator for the last 15 years in Los Angeles. She has helped thousands of lovers through personal coaching, lectures and workshops, books, articles and on television and radio. Helena shares her personal journey from relationship pain and unconsciousness into ever increasing personal empowerment and self expression, and more conscious relationship. If you want a lasting intimate-passionate-love, the steps, struggles, and achievements of other couples who are doing the work of successfully manifesting this, is worth more than gold to you. This is especially so in the case of people who are applying a brilliant sensibility to the transformation of themselves and their relationship. Helena shares how she learned to uplevel both her relationship and her life by meeting her needs and caring for herself in her relationship. She also reveals how she deals with relationship conflict. Anya Shekina reflects on Helena’s insights and shares her own insights in the process. This will be a rich experience for anyone who would like to learn what it takes to go from where you are to where you want to be. Check out Helena’s Webmag and Loven Life Tools show for her writings, videos and products.


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