Sexploration with Monika – Theatre of the RiDICKulous: Hot Greeks screwing w/ gender since 1972

The history of the college movie musical, ancient greece, and the psychedelic drag queen troupe the Cockettes smash together for a grinding rolicking and glittering evening of musical theatre in the Thrillpeddlers production of Hot Greeks at San Francisco’s Hypnodrome. There is no shortage of innuendo at Athens U, as Lysistrata and her sorority sisters engage in a singing and dancing battle of the sexes where gender is just another part of the magic. We speak with Thrillpeddlers’ Russell Blackwood, original Cockette & composer Scrumbly Koldewyn, and cross-dressing cast member Joshua Devore. The singing, dancing Hot, Hot Greeks and their turgid talent will thrill you in the most sex-positive way – with extra sparkle. The Hot Greeks was originally done in 1972 by the underground gender-bending sensation “The Cockettes” at the Palace Theatre in SF’s North Beach, as part of the “Nocturnal Dream Show.” Their dancing, set designs, show-tunes and costumes, are said to be “LSD-influenced,” and other show titles include Tinsel Tarts In A Hot Coma, Journey to the Center of Uranus, and Pearls Over Shanghai (Pearls over Shanghai was also recently reproduced by the Thrillpeddlers). Photos here and you can see HOT GREEKS at the Hypnodrome in San Francisco- it’s been extended thru May 19th, 2012! Listen to an original member of the Cockettes talk about what inspired the show and the new production of Hot Greeks.

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