Sexploration with Monika – Sex Worker’s Union, Lesbian trapped in a Man’s Body, and the Perils of Public Bathrooms

With Dr. Carol Queen as our darling docent of the vibe, you can join us at the grand opening of the Antique Vibrator Museum at the Good Vibrations Store on Polk street here in San Francisco. You don’t have to have sex in exchange for $$ for that to be illegal… (you can get on the business end of the criminal justice system even if you’re not a prostitute!) We speak with Maxine Doogan founder of the Erotic Services Provider’s Union about sex-worker rights, decriminalization, stigma and how under criminalization festers violence against sex-workers, even by police. We also discuss the important things that erotic service providers offer that benefit society. Then we find two fabulous and very different transgender sex-positive stars; comedianne Morgan of “Girl Junk” and queer porn star Jiz Lee. Morgan is embarking on her “Girl Junk” tour and documentary. Morgan and I talk about being a lesbian trapped in a man’s body, being very “manly” externally – an iron worker with secretly shaved legs and toenail polish, a life-threatening galvanizing moment that changed her life, and authenticity as essential – even when it’s hard. Queer porn star Jiz Lee and I will talk about the difference between mainstreem porn and queer porn and why it’s important, making sexy art for good causes, and the perils of public bathrooms for transgender people. More sex-intellectual interviews still to come from the Antique Vibrator Museum, Dr. Carol Queen, the filmakers of “Passion & Power: the Technology of Orgasm,” and Dr. Charlie Glickman.

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