Mperfect – “I have something to say. So, pass me my teeth ..why don’t ya? Sex and Seniors”

What pops to mind when you think of dildos, cock-rings, and soft long kisses? I am sure grandma on her knees making granddaddie moan isn’t the image most of us think of…… right? Kids, this week we take a look at a hidden disability….sex seniors. Miss Toy and celebrated author OTHNIEL J. SEIDEN, M.D. talk about why getting old means the end of gettin’ it on. Or does it? Dr.Seiden is an author, M.D., lecturer, and newlywed. His book SEX IN THE GLODEN YEARS … the best sex ever seems to be on everyone’s gift idea and wishlist. So, does sex stop after 45? Do old folks like porn? And, listen, why does the idea of grey-haired pussy make us cringe? This podcast has all the answers.

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