Sexploration with Monika – Strip Clubs & Cupcakes for Social Justice

You can join the 3 sex-positeers on a cupcake-delivering mission to strip clubs for social justice with Laura Lasky of & Fleur De Lis SF’s Sluttiest Blogger. You’ll learn how something as sweet but insubstantial as a cupcake can help empower women and men in the adult entertainment industries. We’re visiting strip clubs in North Beach, and discuss why/how it’s important to show up and be there to help people. As a ex-pastor’s wife and ex-sex-worker, Laura Lasky says that sex work is different in what it does for you and to you than any other profession. SolaceSF offers medical exams, counseling services, career counseling, and help with adult education, personal development, or recovery programs as needed. How can a person have a relationship with spirituality as a sex-worker, especialy as traditional interpretations of Christianity disparage sex-work? We also discuss other sex-workeroutreach projects like SWOP and how important it is to have a community, especially if you are in a profession as stigmatized, complex, and potentially dangerous (and rewarding) as all the different kinds of sex work can be.

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