Intimate Passionate Love – How Open Relationship Can Lead to Lasting Love and Sexual Passion

Anya Shekina interviews Patricia Taylor, Ph.D. an enlightened sexuality expert and the leading teacher of expanded orgasm in the world today. Patricia is the author of “Expanded Orgasm: Soar to Ecstasy at Your Lover’s Every Touch” and “The Enchantment of Opposites: How to Create a Great Relationship”. Her most recent programs are, The Seduction Trilogy, and also the Expand Her Orgasm Tonight: The 21 Day program for Partners. She has been married for 26 years in an open, polyamorous relationship. In this interview she talks about what the poly life style has to contribute to a conscious, evolutionary relationship. Patricia shares how she and her husband and their friends bring more aliveness into their relationships by embracing freedom and emotional transparency. Patricia shares how she and her partner navigate the challenges that freedom brings for the sake of the aliveness in their lives and relationship. She shows, as her 26 years attest, that freedom does not need to be a threat to security when it is combined with emotional transparency and compassion She talks about the role of honesty in relationship and about how to know the difference between telling the truth in a hurtful way and telling the truth in a way that pushes your partner’s edges to go into true aliveness. She will discuss the many ways in which open relationship can support accelerated growth in a relationship. You will also enjoy Patricia and Anya Shekina’s dynamic exploration into expanded orgasm and how this can help create a sexual relationship that brings ongoing passion into your long term relationship.


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