Let’s talk About Sex – Where is that Elusive “G” Spot?

This week Rachel from Zestra speaks with Dr. Michael Krychman, OB/GYN and nationally and internally recognized female sexual health expert from Las Vegas at a convention focused on the sexual health needs of women over 40. They discuss a recent story making news about the “G” spot. A doctor in Florida conducting research on the cadaver of a woman in Poland declares the absolute location of the “G” spot. As Dr. Krychman points out, the existence of, location of, or experience of the “G” spot are individual. Female sexual satisfaction is personal and has no absolutes. Says Dr. Krychman, “Find what feels good for you – what works for you. Try new things – personal exploration, a sexual enhancer like Zestra.” The two encourage women to get more information and look at the pioneering work of female sexual health expert, Dr. Beverly Whipple. As always, the most important part is starting the conversation about female sexuality.

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