Sexploration with Monika – Live at the 8-Course Gourmet Erotic Dinner

Almost an hour of sex-intellectual on-location interviews from the 8-course gourmet dinner with the best female bondage rigger in the whole world, Midori, sex educator, artist, and dominatrix. We’ll also speak with Fleur de Lis SF, San Francisco’s Sluttiest Blogger aka Vanessa Pinto, and Ultra Violet – and more bay-area sex positive glitterati. We’ll talk about everything from how to be more sexually empowered, feminine dominance, authenticity, and how to tease the fantasy out of your partners mind to why the caviar service here isn’t just scandalously culinarily incorrect but also (oh) so mind-blowingly lip-smacking good to making everyday household objects into sex toys for BDSM fantasies and which ones are safe for sex play and which ones aren’t! More on the connection between food and sex, how you can take caviar or any kind of cuisine to the next level (recipes for pleasure)… and how to avoid the thorny bits of sexual freedom and enjoy the good stuff, and the mysterious but magically effective making out with other people boomerang effect. You can make sure you get the next episode of Sexploration of Monika by subscribing on iTunes and you can always download free episodes on Sexploration with

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