Mperfect – “If you a’int doing it are you really done? Sex and Prostate Cancer”

Southerners are funny people. We have the most unique colloquialisms.
Two of my favs are:
“I don’t know him from Adam’s cathouse” and “If y’all a’int doin’ it then you’re done”.
So, let’s talk honestly,….shall we? The latter of the two is what is really on everyone’s mind. But what if cancer takes the thrill away? What can you expect? Are you done?
Oh, can someone make me a sweet tea. Please.
Listen, kids, this week we take a look at sex and prostate cancer. Ralph and Barbara Alterowitz, experts in cancer and sexuality, give Miss Toy the lowdown on this widely discussed topic. Ralph and Barbara are the authors of “Intimacy with Impotence – The Couple’s Guide to Better Sex after Prostate Disease” and other books on sex and cancer. They are sexuality counselors certified by AASECT (American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists) Miss Toy, Ralph and Barbara talk about why sex and cancer don’t seem to be a good mix to most people. Can you have sex after prostate cancer treatment? Does a man’s dick define who he is? What’s a dry orgasm? This show has the answers.

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