Healthy Sex Awareness – Healthy Sex Heals!

Sex is healing. Mare lists numerous health benefits attributed to sex in her blog. The longer you can relax in states of high pleasure, the more deeply the experience of loving pleasure penetrates to the core of your being…. Leaving you tingly and revitalized all over! Like taking a bath in love-light!

Mare introduces modalities of sexual healing that open the floodgates to more pleasure. She discusses Tantra and Taoist teachings and the Masters: Mantak Chia and Charles Muir and their views of prolonged sex to keep men and women young, healthy and radiant. Cultivating pleasure and expanded full-body-orgasms can energize you and make you feel fabulous, from head to toe.

Premature ejaculation is the #1 reason for divorce because of sexual incompatibility in the world today! Healthy sex resolves PE with simple yet powerful solutions that ensure both partners are fully satisfied and fulfilled. We’ll discuss how to increase your orgasmic ability and expand your pleasure thresholds. There are many levels of pleasure that both men and women are capable of experiencing.

More on these topics as the show unfolds…


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