Sexploration with Monika – You can have a THREE HOUR orgasm?

What’s “the point” of having sex? Is the reason we have sex to achieve the climax of orgasm or is it to have the whole experience of pleasure and connection that you and your partner share? Sheri, of the Welcomed Consensus, tells us that if you can relax into the sensations without getting fixated on a goal, you can feel even more pleasure. In fact, every day for the last 25 years this educator and mother has made time with her partner for a practice that is all about pleasure. It’s called “Deliberate Orgasm” or “DO’ing,” and it’s a practice that focuses attention of the sensations of the clitoris. Sheri says that you can start with even 3 minutes of this practice and start building more pleasure, actually changing your nervous system and allowing you to feel more pleasure, expanding your ability to feel the enegy in your own body. Both men and women can experience Deliberate Orgasm as givers or receivers, and Sheri said that the possibilities are unlimited, even a THREE HOUR ORGASM! We also talk about how the practice of DO’ing cultivates a deep sense of gratification that overflows into every part of her life, work, family, and all her relationships. (Imagine how much easier it is to be nice to everyone after you’ve had a 3-hour orgasm!!!)

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