Sexploration with Monika – Save the Boobies!!!

Bouncy, pleasure-producing, and mesmerizing, everyone agrees that boobies are awesome… but you’ll be surprised how sensitive breasts are not just sexually, but to our environment! Breasts are getting bigger, arriving earlier and sucking up mysterious chemicals like estrogenic compounds and pesticides. What makes breasts so sensitive? In “Breasts: a Natural and Unnatural History” Florence Williams sets out to completely uncover boobs with the latest science in anthropology, biology, and medicine. She follows the breast through history from puberty to pregnancy to menopause, from eye-tracking studies (how quickly can guys check out boobs?), a plastic surgeon’s office in Texas, to a lab where she discovers the presence of environmental toxins in her own breast milk. Baby’s first dose of JET FUEL? No wonder breast cancer hits one in eight women – but even men can get breast cancer – like a group of over 70 men who lived at the highly contaminated Camp Lejeune. We’ll discuss the threats to boobies and how you can help save them. Florence describes her experience trying to avoid these toxins, and how we need to deal with the problem. Products with fragrances, plastics, BPA, even store and ATM receipts, the chemicals that end up in our boobs are everywhere!

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