The Way of the Courtesan – “Lay Around with Your Shirt Off.”

Ready to start Doin’ it with Ché? Tune in to The Way of the Courtesan radio’s Premier broadcast. In this first podcast Ché M. Usher- creator of The Way of the Courtesan- gets you ready to explore her world by giving us 5 easy tips on how to get sensual now, reminding us that leisure and play are just as (if not more) important than work, especially in this crazy, goal-driven society! Start discovering your own world today and remaking it into a new, magical place where indulgence is free and easy. With these five simple tools you can open the many doors of realization and sultriness that are hidden in plain sight. Also in this show, get to know Ché as she launches into the world of radio, diving head long into a new medium and a new way of letting you into her private life. Every week Ché M. Usher will be getting busy reawakening your sensuality and spilling the beans on all kinds of topics, from the taboo to the is-it-too-obvious-to-ask. In this smooth and cool broadcast, Ché gets you relaxed and primed for the coming weeks- where she will surprise, inform, excite, and play with you. Get back to basics and jump on the ride that is Doin’ it with Ché.

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