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Geez, I’m outta ice cubes. I made a pitcher full of Vermouth Cassis. Here with me this week is Dr. Danielle Sheypuk. Well, we got the ice and now we’re gonna’ talk about being out there…. . Sex, Disability, and Dating Dr. Sheypuk, is “A country girl from rural Pennsylvania”. That is how Dr. Sheypuk describes her roots before coming to New York City in 2000, where she pursued her doctoral studies in clinical psychology at The New School University.
Wheelchair-dependent since kindergarten, Danielle recently took the title of “Ms. Wheelchair New York” in a statewide competition, and is preparing to compete for the national title of Ms. Wheelchair USA in Ohio. In addition to that Dr. Sheypuk, finds herself suddenly in demand from a variety of news media interested in her particular area of expertise – the psychology of dating, relationships and sexuality among the disabled community. Are there special concerns for the disabled when dating? What role does non-sexual intimacy play? Do the disabled fuck on the first date?

Sex, Disability, and Dating

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