Mperfect – “Psst..she’s like a broken typewriter”. Sex, Disability, and Contraception”

I truly know nothin’ about birthin’ babies. Years ago, my friend Carol announced to everyone at a dinner party that her I.U.D had somehow slipped out and was now on the loose. It sounded like a bad movie title…”My I.U.D is M.I.A”. I thought of this recently, and wondered would it have been funny if Carol was in a wheelchair? My guest, Shanna Katz, M.Ed, ACS tackles the issue of Sex, Disability, and Contraception. Ms. Katz, is a queer kinky disabled feisty femme board certified sexologist, sexuality educator and professional pervert. From topics like vaginal fisting to non-monogamy, oral sex, to how sexuality and disability intersect. She talks, writes and teaches about a huge spectrum of sexuality, both from personal and professional perspectives. She’s using her Master’s of Sexuality Education to provide accessible, open-source sex education to people around the country. For more info, please visit her site at, follow her on twitter @shanna_katz. So,face down and you know what goes up…. . Mperfect is on!

Sex, Disability, and Contraception

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