The Way of the Courtesan – Don’t Hit The Send Button!

In this weeks addition Ché brings you into her girl talk when she introduces a new character from her life by interviewing friend and long-time BDSM (Bondage/Discipline/Sadism/Masochism) lifestyler, Ms. Brandi Q, over drinks at her woodland cabin. Together they tackle questions from you, the listeners (such as how to handle it when your new girlfriend likes it rough) and riff about the perils and solutions of internet dating, being friends with your ex, and the importance of trust, honest communication, eye-contact, safe-words, and not hitting the send button when you want to write that nasty email. The girls get candid and silly (and eventually plied with booze) as well as share personal stories of love and sex, speaking openly about their relationships (or re”label”ships, as Ché likes to call them). Get cozy, lets play and start Doin’ with Ché (And Brandi Q!).

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