Intimate Passionate Love – Sovereignty: A Key to Empowered Life and Magnificent Relationship?

Anya Shekina, an explorer of the art form of Evolutionary Relationship and its inter-relationship with Tantra as a means for creating a lasting intimate passionate love, interviews Tes Kempner, a student & teacher of interpersonal relationship dynamics and human evolution. Their subject matter is sovereignty and the importance of being sovereign in your life, whether you are alone or in relationship. Anya Shekina has been exploring the importance to relationship of giving as much emphasis to freedom and autonomy as to love, togetherness and security. Tes has been exploring sovereignity and has come to the conclusion that it is foundational and necessary if we are to thrive on a soul level. Listen in on this discussion between these two women as they explore the idea that being sovereign over your own life is a spiritual key to living an empowered life and being an empowered being, whether alone or in partnership. They will also discuss Tes’s contention that whether a relationship is monogamous or polyamorous is not the issue. This issue is whether the two partners are sovereign – and just what this means.
Tes Kempner, an expert mediator, motivator and minister, has logged countless hours in first-hand research dismantling cultural hypnosis and outmoded behavioral programs – questioning societal and familial beliefs and creating new definitions in the realms of love, commitment, responsibility, loyalty and devotion. Tes has inspired many to living more free, authentic and heart-centered lives. She has spent the last 8 years in triadic partnership with two men, and her journey now leads her to conclude an affinity for neither monogamy or polyamory, but an ultimate return to what she describes as “true sovereignty” – where one has the confidence, self-respect and integrity to maintain dominion over their own person – body, mind and soul.
The show ends with Tes, also a singer, song writer and musician, singing her song, “Finding My Own Way”. While the show ends with the announcement that she will be singing the song Absolution, the song actually played is ” Finding My Own Way.” To find Tes’s music go to the Intimate Passionate Love website and check out the Store. Join us for a deep, enlightening and most relevant discussion.


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