Sexploration with Monika – Marquis de Sade: Revolution & Theatre of the Insane

Not only were sadism and sadistic sadists named after him, the Marquis de Sade was a writer! In addition, to the 90-feet of fiction he wrote on toilet paper in prison… the Marquis de Sade wrote theatre in his insane asylum and his fellow inmates played the parts! Now at the Brava Theatre in San Francisco, Marat/Sade plays the fury, passion, and philosophy of the Marquis de Sade off of doomed dictator of the French revolution Jean-Paul Marat. His fate awaits: counter-revolutionary Charlotte Corday will stab him in his bathtub 13 July 1793. The Marquis and Marat are both so tortured, and Charlotte is headed for the guillotine even before the stabbing… who will “win” the revolution? You’ll listen to Marat talk about the bankers, politicians, war-mongers, and stockbrokers that betray the people – does it remind you of any bubble bursting with big bank bailouts and bonuses and Inflated securities? Today’s 99% and the occupy wall street movement are bringing up the same issues today! You can get tickets to Marat/Sade at, shows are Wednesday through Sunday until July 29th. It’s hard to say who really wins a revolution… unless we’re talking about the pleasurevolution where everyone wins! We’ll talk more about desire, consent, and social justice on the next episode on Sexploration with Monika – where we pretend to be only talking about sex – but actually we’re cheerleaders for the pleasurevolution! Don’t miss an episode by subscribing on iTunes, archived episodes, free downloads, and photos at

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