The Way of the Courtesan – Dance of the Heart: Can you Tango your way to the Divine?

Join Ché and her own ArgentineTango instructor, and long-time Tango aficionado, Brian Dunn of Dance of the Heart in Boulder, Colorado (with partner Deb Sclar). In this podcast Brian and Ché discuss the intimacy and metaphor of Argentine Tango and how it can truly be a spiritual practice. Are you looking to connect directly to the Divine? To the Divine Feminine? Are you seeking to explore masculine energies or the dynamic polarity between masculine and feminine or male and female? Would you like to be able to trust more, be held in grace, to share a sacred moment on the dance floor with your partner or a stranger? Perhaps you wish to excite your personal life or be able to be fully absorbed in the moment regardless of what is going on around you. Maybe you simply want to embrace feeling fully like a god or goddess. Tango is a sensual meditation and so much more than just a dance. Anyone can light the dance floor on fire, it only takes those first few steps! Find out how it can change your life, jumpstart and open your heart, and get your blood pumping in these 40 minutes of exclusive interview. Get hooked on Tango with Brian Dunn!

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