Sexploration with Monika – The Complex Economies of Art, Sex, and Desire

If you could have anything, what would you choose? If you had 20 minutes with a sex worker what would you want? If you had 15 minutes on stage what would you want? If you had 20 minutes with a healer what would you want? If a starving artist isn’t making money, what do they get out of making art? What does a sex-worker get out of sex-work besides money? What skills are in a sex-workers’ body of knowledge? What work does a sex-worker share with the world? What are the economies of art, sexuality, and desire? In addition to money and capitalism, what are some of the other economies that we use? Especially in marginalized communities, sex-workers, activists, healers, artists… there are community networks of barter, trade, trust and collaboration. How can asking for what we want change the world? We’ll discus the “This is What I Want” Festival with Tessa Wills, artistic director and activist for sex-worker advocacy. We’ll discuss performance art, and the intersections of the starving artist and the underground economy of erotic service providers.

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