Sexploration with Monika – Multiple Orgasms for Men and Full-Body Energy Non-Ejaculative Orgasms

Did you know that men can have multiple orgasms? Dr. James Rolwing, chiropractor and author of “Multiple Orgasms for Men Made Simple” says that not only can any man have multiple, full-body energetic orgasms but that the idea that your sexual energy has to diminish with age is total bunk. With non-ejaculative energy orgasms, you can experience not only greater control and relaxation during sex, but also your relationship to pleasure and arousal builds and deepens with practice. Dr. Rolwing has been doing this for over 20 years, and has distilled breathing and muscular exercises that can help you have multiple full-body orgasms. You don’t have to hold it, think about baseball, disconnect from how good it feels, just desperately hoping that you don’t ejaculate, because you can redirect the energy and have a different kind of orgasm entirely. We’ll discuss energetic full-body orgasms, what they feel like, how to have them, and why the vast majority of us have no clue about them. We’ll also discuss some of the beliefs of ancient Taoist and Tantric practices that can hold you back and aren’t relevant to today’s understanding of sexuality. You don’t have to necessarily be into sacred or spiritual sexuality to get this practice, and the important thing is that anyone can do it. We’ll also discuss how the power of sexuality, and the power of multiple orgasms has been used to consolidate power for a minority of people throughout history. Is this what you learned in sex ed? Probably not, but we’ll also cover how young men can get a better understanding about of their sexual impulses and how to deal with them. Climax is not only an unpredictable product of urgency, a force of nature to be held back. But is it unnatural to reversing the flow? Dr. Rolwing will explain that it’s one of our numerous innate abilities that we have unknowingly sacrificed in the process of socialization, like breathing. Also, we’ll discuss why even if you’re having a non-ejaculative orgasm, you’re still at risk for pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections, so you should still use a condom. And it might even help. But, once you have mastered multiple full-body non-ejaculative orgasms, can you still ejaculate if you feel like it? Multiple Orgasms are elusive and rare among women, and among men, the phenomenon is mostly unrecognised by pop culture, even many sex ed classes! How can men have multiple orgasms? And what does this breathing and muscular technique do for women – besides what it does for their partner’s stamina? Does aging *have* to mean that you lose your mojo over time? I’ll give you a hint. It gets better… with practice.

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