Sexploration with Monika – Sex at Burning Man, DIY Goddess Temples, and Brothels Serving Women

Your relationship on Burning Man: You’ve barely slept or eaten in 6 days and dehydrated not just because it’s the desert but also your water bottle tastes like warm plastic dust. You were distracted by a glimpse of your old boss on a bike wearing nothing but a backpack and sneakers, so a luminescent green dragon just drove away with your sweetie and 17 gorgeous half-naked strangers. Nothing goes as planned on the playa especially sex and relationships. Burning Man isn’t “one giant orgy,” but there are a few(!) – plus workshops on female ejaculation, bondage, and polyamory, “hands on” sex classes, and even the “Great Canadian Beaver-Eating Contest” in which no beavers are hurt non-consensually. Join Sexploration with Monika in the moonlight at Fugue, a camp-out in Northern California as we talk with Epiphany Jordan about building a temple to the goddess in Texas (The Blue Star Temple), the benefits of tantra, what a brothel for women might look like, and how to build sexual energy into your real estate.

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