The Way of the Courtesan – The Twelve Tenents of Bewitching A Man

Back from the scalding desert of Black Rock City, Ché throws down six of the Twelve Tenets of Bewitching A Man. This podcast includes the important laws of seduction: The Eyes Have It, The Humor/Hard Dick Equation, To Bone or Not to Bone, Walking Into A Room, Slow Surprises, and Dulcet Tones. Holed up in Reno with her friends (the founders of the incredible– a must see site), resting and recovering from a week of celebration at the Burning Man festival, Ché volunteers “Seduction for Dummies” giving you the first half of your ever-growing toolbox. These six bullets will help add fuel to your growing seductive fire- tune in now to get started and tune in next week for the rest of these juicy, inside tips!

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