The Way of the Courtesan – The 12 Tenets of Bewitching a Man: Tenets 7-12!

Tune in to here the second half of Ché’s laws of seduction. In this episode you’ll learn 7-12: Become The Ideal Woman, Your Dangerous Threads, Amused Indifference, Who Da Man?, Getting Down In The Sack Without Any Inhibitions, and the final tenet which will be revealed at the closing. With a special addendum detailing sexual technique (you know how Ché can digress) and the secret to the world’s best blow job- this podcast is packed with to the point, direct, information about seduction, power, confidence, and sexuality. Also, don’t forget to take Ché up on the special invitation she makes to you at the end! Do it with Ché and learn the Way Of The Courtesan!


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