Mperfect – “Gloom, despair and agony on…… who?” Sex and depression”

Why are all tv families generally happy?
Because they get to have some of life’s tough questions answered and resolved in 30 minutes
You see, if your name was Evans, Cosby, or Carrington…it didn’t matter…no problem was too big.
Within 30 to 60 minutes all would be well in wonderland.

But, that is the boob-tube (lol, I said boob),and this is real life we are talking about…right?
30 to 60 minutes..pfff!
We may need a bit more time to hack our way thru the sadness and confusion.
Here is another question… .
Does anyone ever feel sad and sexy?
Does that brick of tears or bag of anger make a person disabled?
What if your depression climbs in bed with you?

Well, let’s get a handle on this shall we….?
Miss Toy and Sherry Anshara are having a energizing conversation.

Sherry Anshara has been a successful business leader in the corporate world. After a near death experience in a devastating accident, Sherry’s life completely changed and she lost everything. Although life as she knew and loved it disappeared, this allowed her to conceive the process that the human body uses to internalize its external experiences. She saw how emotional information is physically embedded, how cellular memories are connected to negative belief systems, and how this process creates discomfort and disease.

Sherry is one of a kind.

Turn up the volume and let’s learn more about Sex and Depression.

Drop that tv remote. It’s time for Mperfect!!

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