Sexploration with Monika – Cum, Glitter, Race Politics, & Consent Culture

You can’t get a ticket to this Saturday’s pre-Folsom performance of Cum and Glitter, a secret live sex-show for and by sex workers, but you can join us now at their (un)dress rehearsal! We’ll talk with Dorian Faust, queen of indie burlesque, about her & Eve’s “fall from grace” – a burlesque-ter-bation! Also race politics in taking off your clothes professionally. Then we’ll talk to Kitty Stryker, sex-worker and “Purrversitility” blogger, about her military spanky-the-klown (or spanking the clown scene) scene, creating consent culture, and working as a “fat” sex worker. Kitty and her sex-positive colleagues Kelly Shibari, and others did a presentation on the challenges of being – or being perceived as “fat” for the kind of sex work you are doing… there are positive, healing things about “fat sex work” Kitty adds, as well. How can you contribute to consent culture? Very literally, in fact.

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