Mperfect – “Ok, so now she is some kinda 4th degree baglady ?” Sex and Alcoholism”

Remember when your old, drunk uncle would come to the family BBQ and make everyone laugh?
Did you ever stop to think…”what must it be like for aunt____?”
I mean think about it….drunk as a skunk and you wanna bump uglies?

Do you have a nightcap before bed?
Are whiskey and I love you on your breath?
Is alcoholism a disability or are you just a bum?.

Let’s take this one neat…. .
Miss Toy and James Genovese are having a rip, roarin,’ good time.

James Genovese is a Licensed Professional Counselor as well as a Licensed Clinical Alcohol and Drug Counselor, in private practice in Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey. The name of his practice is Milestone Group. He specializes in treating alcohol and drug abuse as well as post-traumatic stress disorder. Many of his clients are survivors of childhood sexual and physical abuse. He blogs regularly about all things relating to mental health, and his posts can be found on the Milestone Group website: He was recently interviewed on a Canadian talk show, discussing the high rate of alcoholism among law enforcement personnel.

James gives us some sobering insight.

This show is all about Sex and Alcoholism.

Who is the keymaster? I want some Mperfect!!

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