Sexploration with Monika – Healed by Strip Tease and All Kinds of Sexy

Can strip tease be healing? You can join me at a burlesque scholarship benefit for victims of rape, sexual abuse, domestic violence, and eating disorders – can learning sexy dance moves (and how to take off clothes teasingly) actually be a part of a healing and empowerment process? How can learning strip tease help you reclaim your body and your sense of “sexy-self-hood?” We’ll talk to a woman who said it’s changed her life – not just by now having glitter all over everything. We’ll talk to survivor and dance instructor Bombshell Betty, scholarship recipient and survivor Valhalla Voom, and MC Odessa Lil at the Elbow Room’s “All Kinds of Sexy.” We are only bummed that we missed The Stripping Granny. 🙁

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